How software and web development outsourcing can benefit your business

July 8, 2024


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A: Some software outsourcing companies offer core cyber security services to their clientele, either through an in-house SOC (Security Operations Centre) or via a partnership with a cyber security services provider. Even in the case where software outsourcing companies do not provide any cyber security extensions with their core software development offerings, DevSecOps workflows, which prioritise on cyber security from the earliest stages of the software development life cycle, may be prevalent. In turn, this can enable the creation of applications that are highly security-oriented, with robust features such as granular access permissions and multi-factor authentication.
A: Yes, software outsourcing companies can source and hire web developers that are solely meant to work for a single client’s project, if the client wishes so - and has the budget to compensate for it. Hiring dedicated team members of this nature belongs to the dedicated team model, which is one out of many software outsourcing models that offer clients additional autonomy and flexibility to build a software development team as per their preferences.
A: The biggest difference between software outsourcing and software offshoring lies in the geography surrounding each; in other words, software outsourcing can involve outsourcing operations that are located anywhere, while software offshoring involves outsourcing operations that are located in a different region (usually a different continent) from that of the client’s location.

Inversely, nearshoring is a term denoting a software outsourcing company that is located geographically closer to the client, albeit being in a different state or a different country (which is usually a neighbouring one). Overall, software outsourcing and software offshoring are used interchangeably, and this is acceptable, as typically most software outsourcing companies are located across completely different regions (often halfway across the world).

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