The most popular use cases of AI for software outsourcing and development

June 10, 2024


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A: Yes, AI can help reduce costs for software outsourcing companies in numerous ways. The most common applications of AI and machine learning in software development include code formatting, test automation and anomaly detection, which can help software outsourcing companies not only reduce costs, but also reduce errors and overall turnaround times.
A: Yes, AI can assist to source, screen and onboard developers for any software development project, through the usage of AI-based recruitment software. Filtering CVs to shortlist the right candidates, conducting automated background checks, generating offer letters and even monitoring performance well after hiring is complete are some out of the many capabilities that AI-based recruitment software can offer.
A: Many top software companies in Sri Lanka such as EFutures are using AI in some way or another to improve accuracy, reduce delivery turnaround times and improve overall productivity across the organisation. Whether it’s for core software development duties or administration, AI-powered capabilities facilitated either via customised algorithms or SaaS applications are now popular among today’s work environments in general.

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